Meet The Owners

Meet Remi Emerson Residential Team Members

We have been in the real estate investment and property management business for a collective 30+ years. We pride ourselves as leaders in our local real estate market and the investment community.

  • Photo of Brian Davis
    Brian Davis
    • Brian Davis has been a proud citizen of the Sunshine State since 1983 and has been actively involved in Real Estate for the last decade. With over 40 personal “flips” under his belt and experience with numerous rental and investment properties he now puts his experience to work for other investors in his hometown of Orlando. Brian is the father of two grown children and has recently welcomed his first grandchild into the world. He enjoys spending time outdoors and supports several conservation and wildlife habitat efforts.
  • Photo of John Chin
    John Chin
    • John Chin, an Air Force veteran, has been a licensed Realtor and investor since 1995. He has helped remote investors build wealth, through real estate, in multiple markets across the US. His frustration with property managers he has hired in the past compelled him to start his own investor-friendly PM firm with the added bonus of free investment training for landlords and agents. John currently lives and plays in Lake Nona, Florida, with his wife and three girls. He’s heavily involved in his community and it shows in his service to local tenants and area property owners.